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Graduate Program

Master of Science in Architecture with an Architectural Engineering Specialization

The Architectural Engineering Specialization was developed for those individuals interested in strengthening their understanding of structural behavior, becoming more familiar with the relationship between structures, architecture, and construction, plus becoming familiar with current design and analysis trends in the structural engineering profession. The program is ideal for continuing engineering students and for individuals who have graduated and wish to re-enter academia after gaining valuable work experience. For those students still enrolled at Cal Poly-SLO there is an option to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering and a Master of Science with an Architectural Engineering Specialization simultaneously.


To create a uniquely balanced education of practice and theory which better prepares graduates for the building industry

  • Offer courses that link analysis, design, and constructability
  • Offer courses that promote interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Offer courses that are relevant to structural engineering practice
  • Offer courses that strengthen analytical abilities and reinforce engineering basics (practical theory)


To provide the best preparation for structural engineering practice in California

  • Educate students about advanced engineering concepts and current trends within the structural engineering profession
  • Train students to incorporate architectural and construction issues when developing structural design solutions
  • Improve students’ ability to understand structural behavior
  • Improve verbal and written writing skills